How I Straighten My Curly Hair

Every now and then I like to straighten my hair and have a new look. Never works in humid weather because I get frizzy, so I tend to do it more in winter and spring. Years ago I used an oval brush and blow dryer and now I’m thrilled with straightener brushes, cuts the time down to 20 minutes for me.

Straightener brushes are used on dry hair instead of wet so I tend to do mine the day after a wash day. I start by applying a heat protectant spray all over and sectioning my hair, clipping the top half up. Section by section I brush it over with a Wet Brush to get out any tangles and use the straightener at least once through each section.

Here’s a video for you to get an idea of what I do:

After I’ve gone through my whole head with the straightener I rub Verb Ghost Oil throughout, this smooths out the flyaways and controls any frizz. I also spray some hairspray over as well. I like having a slight wave still to my hair so I don’t go crazy trying to make my entire head pin straight.

All of the products I used and the Moroccan Oil straightener brush can be found on Paramount Beauty Marketplace. I am an affiliate of the company and will make a small commission if you make a purchase. I appreciate the support, thank you!

What do you think, do you like the curls better or the straighter style? My family all like the curls better 🙂

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