Where To Next? A New Series

I’m praying the light I see at the end of the pandemic tunnel is actually there and not a mirage. Shall we wander around the subject of actually traveling?! My Dr husband has already received his two vaccine shots and I’m making plans for travels, to save my sanity and have something to look forward to.

I’m beginning something I had hopped would be a regular series on this blog when I decided to begin it. Ya know, in fall 2020 in the middle of a pandemic when traveling was off the table. LOL. “Where To Next?” will be what I’m doing regarding planning for travel for my family; if it gets canceled it gets canceled and we’ll move on, ok?

I’ll go into specifics about the travel plans, talk about packing tips and what I’m bringing, give ideas for traveling with autistic children and why we are going to specific locations. I’ll do follow ups after the trips as well to share pics and how it went.

These will be the first two blog posts coming up on Where To Next and if the traveling does indeed start happening safely I may turn this into an emailed newsletter. Sounds exciting to me!

Where to next for you?

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