At Home Style Lately

When you have a serious knee injury style seems to go out the window! I’ve had a knee brace and crutches for two weeks now and it’s getting old. Here are some of my latest outfits to help cheer myself up and distract from the knee pain.

This was my birthday, I had to put on a dress! Cheers to 43
Anthropologie dress, ModCloth headband/scarf, booties from Nordstrom
Sweater from J.Crew, blouse underneath from Banana Republic, leggings from Stitch Fix (referral link), slippers from Amazon, Coach bag
Top is Madewell, leggings are Zella from Nordstrom
Beret from Amazon, Shacket from Stitch Fix (referral link), jeans from Madewell, boots are Sperry from ModCloth, Coach bag

Focusing on celebrating the little wins, moving into using a cane and thus being able to carry my coffee across the kitchen, standing in the shower, getting a load of laundry done.

We’ve gotten a lot of snow here in Connecticut and I hate that I can’t go play in it, can’t risk slipping. It’s quite pretty to look at though! Hope ya’ll are enjoying the weather where you are!

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