Poem: Is Light

God is light. The brightness in the east through the trees in the morning while the bitter wind tightens the cheeks. The streams of glow dancing to greet the day, a welcoming gratitude of what shall become and of curiosity and wonder to say.

In the darkness and shadows where troubles lurk and swallow, a feeling of concern can break the day. Disenchantment weighs heavy where sun cannot breakthrough and weariness leads to dismay. The splendor of life falls short when luminosity and hope are led astray.

God is light. The beacon in the west while waves flow over the sands and colors emanate art across the sky. Washing melancholy away from the soul to clear the heart to continue wanting to stay. An aura of surety must shine over the shroud of bleakness causing the gray.

Certainty of a new dawn bathed in a blaze of sun lifts the heavy veil from which we cannot overcome. Propelling us to ignite our foray into the deep, rekindling our love of yearning to prevail and proclaiming forth the way.

God is light. A pillar in the root of life whether there be night or day. Rays of sunshine, lost resolves at bay, spirits sorting through this life ever looking for the might, pave a path and affirm we will lead the day. Time ventures on with tribulations and gateways to destruction, but faith and an enduring theology of reliability in oneself will always oversee today.

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