My Winter Base Wardrobe

You may have heard the term capsule wardrobe tossed around a lot the last couple of years. A wardrobe with mix and match pieces to create endless outfits and keep your life simple. For me that sounded utterly boring.

I recently was a virtual student to Tan Frances’s MasterClass on style, where he talked about creating your capsule wardrobe. My view changed regarding this issue because he discussed how a capsule wardrobe serves as a base for your closet, not as a complete be all end all to your style. That’s more my speed!

From here on out I will refer to this as a base wardrobe, not capsule, which to me means all encompassing. Base wardrobe, one that serves as a platform for my closet, is what I want to accomplish.

First off, not a single person has the same look and shape as the one next to her. A base wardrobe for me shouldn’t look just like yours. The clothing items below are what work for me and my body type. For reference I’m 5’3 and generally wear a size small/4.

Here are my base wardrobe items for winter, items I can style alone together or serve as the bottom layer to what I want to wear:


~ black long sleeve bodysuit to wear under everything

~ a knit with a pattern that matches all my pants

~ neutral knit/sweater


~ straight leg medium blue jeans

~ a dark skinny jean

~ black leggings


~ neutral warm coat that can be dressed up or down

~ winter beanie


~ black loafers

~ white sneakers

~ all weather boots

A long sleeve black bodysuit (mine is from Yummie); straight leg jeans (mine are from Stitch Fix, affiliate link)
A gray solid knit (mine is from Nordstrom); same jeans as above; black loafers (mine are Dr. Scholls from Nordstrom)
A heavy coat that matches everything (mine is H&M); simple black leggings (mine are from Lululemon); white sneakers (mine are Reebox from QVC)
A knit top (Stitch Fix); gray jeans (Liverpool); all weather boots (Sperry from ModCloth); beanie with a pop of color

Obviously I wear other clothes. When there are days that I don’t know what to wear or don’t care (gasp!) I grab these items. Simple, no thinking. Here’s my style recipe card for my base winter wardrobe ~

Does the idea of a base wardrobe for each season work for you too?

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