Why You Should Dress As Usual During a Pandemic

I can hear you groaning in my ear, but hear me out.

Experts usually look to the social reasons for dressing and how what you wear affects how people treat you, how you feel about the activities you are doing (ie working in an office, going to the gym) and how certain types of clothing are socially connected to certain specific events (ie a wedding or funeral). But what about now? Most of us aren’t going to the office or attending any social events or hitting the gym. A lot of people I know tossed out any and all forms of social norms when it comes to getting dressed.

Back in March 2020 I would have certainly agreed with pjs or joggers every day all day and my kids never want to leave that mindset without nudging from me. But now that we are 10 months in and still primarily staying home, if you are still looking like Eeyore (gloomy and sluggish) how about we take time for reevaluation.

How you take care of yourself, including the clothing you put on your back, is associated with how you feel about yourself and how you see your world. Don’t worry about anyone else, just you.

How would you like to feel? This can change day to day and that’s cool. Go with it. I often range from wanting to feel energetic to edgy to vintage classic to power Mom. I recently blogged about style recipes and am beginning to create ones that simply go along with a feeling I’m aiming for. My dry cleaner always tells me I’m the nicest dressed person to come in. I always say, “If I dress lazy I will be lazy.”

How about some examples:

Jean jacket from Stitch Fix, Target skirt and sunglasses, J.Crew flats

This was me on a day I wanted to feel happy and invoke that twirl-and-dance-in-any-moment feeling. Nothing says joy and twirl than a hot pink pleated midi skirt. I had a pep in my step that day and feeling joy makes me a better mom. I’m more patient, my kids aren’t as grumpy and we have a calmer day at home together. Moms are powerful, we hold the energy and influence in our homes. I’d rather that energy be amazing than dreary.

Sweater from Stitch Fix, leggings from Nordstrom, Reebox sneakers from QVC, lace bralette peaking out from Free People

I bought faux leather leggings at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale last summer and can’t believe how much I wear them. I love leggings like the next lady and what better way to make you feel bad ass than switching to fancy ones. Still comfortable but makes you feel amazing. And my husband loves them on me, that was a nice surprise too 🙂

Blouse from Nordstrom, leggings and heels from ModCloth

On this day I was feeling a bit low that morning, it was before Christmas, lots of emotional stress, and I decided I wanted to feel festive and classic and cute. I didn’t even do my hair, threw it in a bun, but the outfit alone did the trick. Red lipstick, now we’re talking!

I think we owe it to ourselves to live with intention and focus on what we can control each day. If you have the power to purposefully feel joy, wouldn’t you want to take it? Now go get dressed!

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