One Way I’ve Gotten My Kids To Eat Healthier While At Home

Eating healthy during the holidays is hard enough on a regular year, never mind during a pandemic while the kids are home 100% of the time. We all had that cookie-candy-desserts-all-day mentality. Except my husband, he has the will power of Superman, but the four females in the house, nada, will power was at zero.

I had a New Year’s goal to get us females back on track when online school started up again. The key for me is planning. If I don’t plan snacks and meals we end up grabbing whatever is easiest when we are starving and usually that entails processed foods alone. And the more we eat mostly processed foods the more we want only processed foods. It’s a slippery slope man.

My one easy way I’ve gotten the kids to eat better, put out a snack tray on the kitchen table about mid morning. We usually do well with breakfast, I’m pretty sure it’s everyone’s favorite meal here. Once that first snack craving starts after the kids have one or two classes under their belt, I have to be prepared with healthy options.

I usually do a mix of fresh veggies and fruit, one something that’s crunchy and then a dip. Our preferred dip is hummus but ranch dressing, sunflower butter or even Nutella if I’m feeling nice all work too. Don’t let me fool you, I’m the only one who eats tomatoes, but this tray has become something for me too.

They tray I use is from Pampered Chef and includes an ice pack to place under the top tray and it also includes the lid. Since my girls are all on three different schedules the ice pack is extremely helpful for keeping everything fresh for a long time. I’ve had it over a year and absolutely love it. Worked well for the beach last summer too.

Bottom layer tray, slim ice pack, divider tray

I’ve been keeping this on the table all day, refilling if need be and it’s usually empty by dinner time. It gives me peace of mine that I don’t belong in the Worst Mom Prison. If you’ve read my essays you’ll know what I’m talking about 😉

How are you handling the snacks and meals while your kids are home?

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