How To Style Gray Jeans and The Non-Influencer

I’m a jeans girl. When I buy new clothing items I always ask myself, “Will this be something I grab happily when I’m picking out what to wear?” For me, if it’s jeans, always yes. My go-to item. Stitch Fix sent me gray jeans in 2020 and I wore them all fall and now winter. There is something about them that makes me feel a bit more pulled together than a regular blue jean, gives off a more hip vibe (in my head anyway) and when I feel like I’m trying a bit more to be pulled together I feel better about myself and life in general.

Mine are Liverpool, my third pair of their jeans; highly recommend for the comfort and stretch and great fit. You can find them other places than Stitch Fix; I know Nordstrom sells them too.

I’ve been curating a closet that has a heavy load of items I want to stick around for a while. I’ll be writing more about that this winter. A good pair of jeans can last years and I love having a gray pair in rotation now. Here are a few ways I’ve worn them lately:

Hat from Target, sweatshirt from Nordstrom, Fjallraven backpack, Timberland boots

Cardigan is Zara, lace tank and boots from Nordstrom

Faux leather jacket from J.C.Penney

Hat and thermal top are from Nordstrom

I’m not going to include links for each item and there’s a good reason for that.

I want to be the non-influencer.

I don’t want you to see my outfits and think you need to spend your hard earned money on new clothes every time you are inspired by my style. I’d rather empower you to look at what you already have and find something similar that will work for you and your size and your life. For each fashion blog post I write I will include ideas for what else will work to pull this look together and a style recipe.

For today’s blog post any dark jean will work too. I have not seen any body type that doesn’t look good in a dark jean. Any short boot. Any hat or no hat. I’m wearing a lot of hats simply because they allow me to hide my gray roots and/or dirty hair.

The lace tank I’m wearing is a good staple piece but any type of tank you have can work. I like the print of a simple polka dot to give some interest and you can go big prints or even solids.

Here is the Style Recipe for these looks:

  • Dark jean- skinny or straight
  • Tank first layer
  • Cardigan/sweatshirt/jacket over
  • Short boot
  • Head accessories like hats/headband/etc (optional)

Cheers and happy new year!

Janice 🙂

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