Style Lately

Every couple of weeks I’m going to share some of my style. Follow me on Instagram for more frequent fashion inspiration. One of our motto’s is “You Do You” and for me that means feeling good when I wear something cute. Oprah speaking in my ear, be cute for you. I hope to inspire you to feel good about yourself too, whether that is through fashion, exercise, hobbies, etc, I believe it’s important to make time for ourselves and let our authentic self shine bright. This is me.

My style from end of August into September includes hot weather fashion one day and cool weather style the next. Keeping a cardigan handy is always a good idea.

My sunset chaser tank is from Patagonia last summer, skirt is from Amazon, sneakers are Gola from J.Crew and sunflower purse is from T.J.Maxx.

Backpack is Rebecca Minkoff, dress is from ModCloth, hiking boots are Timberland from Nordstrom, hat is from Anthropologie (similar). I bought it for Saint Lucia January 2019 and it was the most expensive hat I ever bought but I wear it all the time, well worth the price for a sturdy item.

Dress is Anthropologie (only color available now), shoes are Madewell (similar), headband is Antro too (similar), earrings are from the Etsy shop Weekend Gypsea.

Blouse is Anthropologie (I snag a lot of stuff on sale there), jeans are from Social Threads, flip flops are Tory Burch (not super). My bistro set is from Target (similar), as well as the flower stands that are awaiting mums.

This gray cardigan from Zara is versatile and does the job on a cool morning or evening. Jeans are Madewell, shoes are Vans and I cannot remember where they are from.

Wanted to say thank you to those of you who have reached out in support of my new blog!

Janice 🙂

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